Monday, June 8, 2009

Cookie Winner!

The ultimate highlight of my little boy's day was getting to pick one of your names out of his White Sox baseball hat! (These cookies are obviously not the Father's Day cookies you've won-- but this post was way too boring without a picture in it! This bouquet was made as an end of year gift for my nephew's preschool teacher.)
Congratulations to. . .
Lisa (from Cheerios Underfoot)
Lisa-- I will email you to get a shipping address and specific personalization information for your bouquet!


  1. Congratulations to Lisa! By the way...the cookie bouquets you did for Becky's teachers were ADORABLE! I'm trying to think of an occasion to buy a bouquet or two from you guys, b/c they are just too cute!!!

  2. Thanks so much! What a fun giveaway.