Friday, May 1, 2009

Thank you for the Awards!

I am so unbelievably touched and honored to receive the following blog awards!

This award was passed to me by Rachel, from Rachel vs. The Kitchen. For those of you that don't know, Rachel is actually my sister and I have been having so much fun sharing the 'blog world' with her! We both were raised to love to cook, and it is so nice that even though we don't get to see each other as often as we might like, we can connect and share our recipes and ideas with each other as well as all of our new blogging friends. Thanks for the award, Rachel!

Along with this award, I'm supposed to share seven things about my personality and then pass along the award and meme on to seven other bloggers for them to do the same. I've really enjoyed "meeting" new people from all over the country and am excited to learn even more about some of my fellow bloggers!

1. I have to borrow Rachel's number 1 also-- Family Oriented. I am definitely someone who needs to be surrounded by family. I would do anything for them and know that they would for me. It is very important to me that my children are raised surrounded by family as well and are able to understand the bond that a strong family shares.

2. Mommy-genes. This could really be rolled into number 1 and isn't necessarily a 'personality trait' per se, but I LOVE being a mommy. I have never known love like that shared between a mother and her children. I would literally walk through fire for my little ones.

3. Teacher/Mentor. I have taught first grade for 6 years and I love every second of it. It is one of the most rewarding jobs I can imagine and I love to watch the excitement on a child's face as they learn something new and build their confidence.

4. Goal Oriented. I have a dream to one day open up a bakery/cafe. My friend Christy and I have been working on a side business along these lines but one day hope to open up an actual storefront.

5. Patient. As a first grade teacher, patience was a necessity. My husband would also probably joke that being married to him requires some patience as well! :)

6. Loyal. I would like to think that I am a loyal person and will stand by those that I love. (I hope my friends and family would agree!) My husband and I met in high school, started dating in college and now have been together for 10 wonderful years. I'd walk to the ends of the earth for him.

7. OCD. I seriously have a problem! :)

I am passing this award along to the following bloggers:

1. Christy, from Christy's Kitchen Creations

2. Pam, from For the Love of Cooking

3. Shelby, from The Life and Loves of Grumpy's Honeybunch

4. Monica, from Lick the Bowl Good

5. Holly, from I Heart Bowheads

6. Marin, from Marin's Creations

7. Cathy, from Accountants Can Cook

The other award I was lucky enough to receive came from Kathy at Three on Food. Thank you so much, Kathy!

The Rules:

1. Put the logo in your blog

2. Write five things you are passionate about apart from blogging

3. Tag 5 people on your lists and let them know you tagged them.

A lot of these are going to be the same as the other award... but here we go!
Five things I'm passionate about...

1. My Children/Husband - My family means everything to me and comes before anything and everything else!

2. My Career - I take my responsibility to teach very seriously and fully understand the great trust that parents have when they allow me to work with and for their children. It is an honor to be in such a position.

3. My Religion - My parents always worked to instill a sense of pride within our religious background, but not until recently have I come to fully understand the power of faith and prayer. I am very grateful for the foundation that my parents have provided and hope that I can do the same for our children.

4. My Family - I said it before and it's worth saying again. I am blessed to have close relationships with so many members of my family and would do anything for them. Family is very important to me and I want to model that for my children as well.

5. My Friends - I am so unbelievably lucky to have such a great group of close friends that I know I can count on no matter what! (I wish I haven't always given you guys such ample opportunities to prove that!)

I would like to pass this award to the following people:

1. Rachel, from Rachel vs. The Kitchen

2. Christy, from Christy's Kitchen Creations

3. Leslie, from The Seasoned Homemaker

4. Aubrey, from The Fam Five

5. Jen, from Jamie and Jen Dish


  1. How wonderful to get to know you better! I forgot that you and Rachel are sisters!!! How neat!!

    How funny, Tara and I talked once about opening up a Tea Room together! I've always wanted to open a bakery too!!! I don't know if I'd have the energy though?!?! I am so NOT a morning person!!! ;) lol...

  2. Sarah, Sarah, know how emotional I am! I'm really glad you got me started with this whole blogging thing--you know how overwhelmed I get with my everyday life and it's kind of given me something new to focus on :)

    Thank you so much for the award you passed on to me! I hope you guys are all doing well!

  3. Congrats on the awards - thanks for passing it on to me.

  4. Hey there - you are a winner on my blog! Email me and we will start working with Mimi to get you set up!


  5. Congratulations on your blog awards.

  6. #7 made me laugh--me too!

    Thank you for sharing a bit about you and for passing this award on to me. I appreciate it!

  7. OMG, Thanks so much Sarah! That was so sweet of you to pass an award on to me.